App Cloner Premium APK V1.5.23 Free Download Latest Version [Mod, Unlocked]

App Cloner Premium Mod APK – Hello ModLover, Wassup? So now what if I inform you that on WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Flickr etc., you can access dual accounts. Dual accounts? What does that mean to you? What I intended to say is that I’ll inform you today about an implementation that makes accurate copies of the already installed or pre-installed app on your Android.

App Cloner Premium & Add-ons
App Cloner Premium & Add-ons
Developer: App Listo
Price: Free+
I’m telling you today about App Cloner Premium v1.5.23 Mod Apk. App Cloner is an app that enables us to replicate applications already installed on our mobile. The only distinction between the initial app and the cloned app is that the certificate of the cloned app is a little shift, or you sometimes have to modify the certificate manually because YouTube will not operate on your computer until the certificate is modified. But I’m 100% sure you won’t be bothered or stopped using the app. Am I not intelligent enough? Yeah! Thank You. FilmoraGo Pro Apk.




  • App Cloner allows various copies of your preinstalled applications to be created and installed.
  • The applications that have cloned applications operate alongside each other and will operate separately of their initial applications.
  • Cloned apps won’t receive automatic updates to maintain and operate a stable version with the initial app.
  • Cloning is useful when various login accounts are used concurrently in apps like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Skype, but the true fun begins when you mess around with an app. In addition to changing the app name or icon, App Cloner offers multiple options to tweak the new app copy.
  • You can edit widgets or unnecessary permissions readily, for instance, you can disable the default auto-start, backups or intrusive app.
  • App Cloner can even stretch a cloned app to add fresh features such as password security, incognito mode with secure file deletion, and you can lock a Wi-Fi-only app to eat information.
  • Android Wear can typically also clone applications and watch faces to let you know. Is this incredible int?

What does App Cloner Premium Apk have?


  • In cloned applications, use Google Maps.
  • Copy extension files automatically during cloning.
  • Making it debuggable.
  • Can deactivate the default app.
  • Disable self-starting.
  • It is possible to disable launcher icons.
  • Create various clones of apps.
  • It also allows backups of apps to be prevented.
  • Allow the internal SD-card to install applications.
  • Cloning Facebook Messenger can be performed.
  • Cloning of WhatsApp is permitted.
  • Clone applications or face watch.
  • Save cloned applications or share them.
  • Exclude the latest app.
  • There is a lock for rotation.
  • It is possible to remove app permissions.
  • App can be created to assist.

Download App Cloner Premium Apk

App Cloner Premium APK
App Cloner Premium.Apk
File Size
Requires Android
4.0.3 and up


How to Install App Cloner Premium Apk?

It’s also very easy to install. After the Mod apk has been downloaded. Click and install the apk. In your device configurations, you may need to tick “enable external source files.” But don’t worry. It’s absolutely safe. AZ Screen Recorder Premium.

Also, Download


Here are a few screenshots to assist you comprehend:


How to clone or duplicate applications installed

Now it’s very simple to clone android applications. You can clone any of the Android Apps using the App Cloner Premium APK. Now follow my Guide to Clone Android Apps like WhatsApp, FB, or any other Android Games.


  • Download and install from here the App Cloner app.
  • Open Cloner App and pick the application you want to duplicate.
  • The most important is the first two settings. Start with 1. For the “clone number” It’s up to you for the “Name” (e.g. Camera 2).
  • To begin the cloning process, click the “Release” icon. Click “install” when it’s finished.

User reviews

These reviews are gathered from the app store at Google Paly.

1st User: operates great except that some button interactions from cloned app notifications (aTimeLogger) cause behavior in the app that should not occur. It’s pretty awkward. It also occurs that app information is lost because it is wrong to press the button in the notification…

2nd User: I’ve just mounted it and I can now use two phone accounts. Apps work smoothly. Thank you guys. It’s a great job.

3rd User: For a long time I’ve been using App Cloner Premium. I’m going to WhatsApp. Whenever I update the Playstore WhatsApp. I checked my second WhatsApp phone number in Parallel Space. I don’t care to check. But I’m still losing information, i.e. chat history, the issue is. Check that, please. Els…

App Cloner Premium FAQ

Is it Premium?

Yes, App Cloner Premium APK can be downloaded for free.

Is App Cloner Mod Apk?

Yes, this is App Cloner Premium apk’s best modded version.

Is it Root Required?

No. This app never requested permission from the root. Root operates with App Cloner.

Is it going to impact the battery of my phone a lot?

No, a lot. But during using, more than usual.

How to Questions and Guide

The App Cloner Premium has some How to Questions and Guide.

How can App Cloner  APK be downloaded?

It’s very simple to download App Cloner Premium apk for Free. The latest APK. App Cloner Pro Apk logo can be downloaded here.

How to install Premium Apk for Free App Cloner?

You will need to visit here and download the Apk to install App Cloner Premium Version for Free. You need to install it after finishing the download by allowing Unknown Source from your Android environments. That’s enjoying all of Free’s premium characteristics.

How is App Cloner Apk downloaded?

App Cloner Premium Mod Apk Available here. Download it now to appreciate all of its premium mods.


I hope I’ve given you all the information you’re looking for App Cloner Premium Mod Apk. This APP is actually your smartphone’s best App Cloner. Make sure it’s DOWNLOAD.

Thanks for taking the time to read my article.

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