GBWhatsApp Anti-Ban V7.20 Free Download Latest Version [Mod, Unlocked]

GBWhatsApp is one of the finest and most trendy applications with excellent and incredible characteristics. Due to the distinct package name and function of your WhatsApp, GB WhatsApp is becoming popular every day.

There are many third-party sites claiming to provide the recent version of GBWhtasApp, but after all, it was discovered out-dated when individuals install the app thay. So if you’re also from them looking for 2019’s Latest GBWhatsApp, here’s your anwser. Download the latest version of GBWhatsapp v7.20 from the link below for android with anti-banning script.

Due to its anti-ban script, the recent version of GBWhatsApp helps unblock or unblock your WhatsApp account. Know what to do if WhatsApp banned your account.

How to unblock the GBWhatsApp account

  • Download from the link below the latest GBWhatsApp.
  • Install it and reopen your ancient Prohibited Account by checking your amount.
  • And begin to use it. If you see the Temporarry Blocked Notification, please delete your WhatsApp Setting account completely.
  • And reopen the account again.
  • You’re never going to get bandaged again.


GBWhatsapp V7.2 New Features

  • God has added the Anti-Ban Script.
  • Fixed Main Screen Hidden Chat Count Showing.
  • Fixed payment color in the Other Fixes menu


How to Download GBWhatsapp Anti-Ban?

Downloading is just like downloading another app. Below is a download connection. To begin downloading, click on the link.

Download GBWhatsapp Anti-Ban

NameGBWhatsapp Anti-Ban
Requires Android4.0 and up

Also Download


Features of GBWhatsapp

  • Freeze Last Seen: GBWhatsApp lets users conceal their last view and shows their old time stamp that’s fairly incredible and most users are attempting to find the characteristics.
  • More privacy options: it enables users to enjoy hiding their blue ticks, typing status, and you can be anonymous without even displaying your identity.
  • Themes: GBWhatsapp gives its WhatsApp request right to the consumers. If you have excellent design abilities then you can use your WhatsApp as a theme. If you want to use your theme for every user then you can send your theme to the developer and enable users to use your theme. Theming your WhatsApp is simple and tiny text is accessible to demonstrate how your phone’s theme will be.
  • Verification: WhatsApp offers too many mods to help users customize the WhatsApp, but sometimes there’s a problem and you can’t check your phone number. GBWhatsApp enables you, just like the formal WhatsApp, to check your phone number.
  • App Icons: GBWhatsApp has a variety of icons to assist consumers distinguish between WhatsApp and GBWhatsApp. Sometimes you may be able to accidentally open some other chats.
  • Change Shades: You can customize your WhatsApp navigation bar and also your phone status bar, which is one of the most necessary features and you can use your entire phone screen.
  • Status: This is for you if you have a bunch of ideas and update your WhatsApp status. You might have seen that on WhatsApp you can only update the status of 139 characters. GBWhatsApp provides additional feature to update 255 WhatsApp status characters and that’s going to be on the server side that you don’t have to worry about text.
  • Handy: If you want to see if the person is online, you don’t have to open the chat every time and see if it’s online. You can just check the primary screen and find out whether or not the individual you want to chat is online.
  • Send More Media: Send to your GBWhatsApp more than 90 + media. If you have WhatsApp, you may have seen the selection and sending limit of 10 media at a moment.
  • Broadcast: Broadcast fan? If you have WhatsApp for company purposes, you may know you can add up to your broadcast list only 200 individuals. It enables customers to add to your broadcast list up to 600 people.
  • Send More Files: WhatsApp has a restriction that only 16 MB of video documents can be sent to customers. GBWhatsApp enables customers to send data in excess of 16 MB. This is something that everyone wants and you can submit more video files with the assistance of GBWhatsApp. See also Send Files Above 1 GB Using WhatsTools on WhatsApp.
  • Ban: Maybe you saw WhatsApp start prohibiting people using WhatsApp Plus in 2014. GBWhatsApp is the secure application that your WhatsApp account will not be banned.
  • Change Styles: After WhatsApp, which is your favourite application? GBWhatsApp enables you to alter your WhatsApp’s user interface to anything you need. If you want to alter your WhatsApp style to Facebook Messenger, you can alter your WhatsApp style.
  • Disable voice and video calls: Have you ever faced a problem that your friend repeatedly calls you. Maybe you’re getting upset and what’s your next move? You’re going to block them? Well, in just a few clicks, GBWhatsApp enables users to disable all voice and video calls. No more irritating calls from WhatsApp.
  • iOS Style: Love the iOS interface of WhatsApp. You can generate your own GBWhatsApp iOS-type theme that’s simple and funds are accessible in WhatsApp to assist you make the adjustments.
  • Handy Media: Without downloading to your device you can preview media and it saves a lot of time and you don’t have to worry about anything.
  • Counter Statistics: Counter Statistics is the function that helps users enjoy characteristics of how many emails your friends have received or how many emails your WhatsApp has received.
  • Always online: always display online your WhatsApp status. It’s going to shock your friends. There’s a catch and I wrote a comprehensive guide on how to be online on WhatsApp at all times.
  • Updated: The GBWhatsApp is always updated and you can enjoy regular GBWhatsApp updates.
  • Hide Annoying Dates: You may have seen the time stamp and date copied whenever you copy any text. During copying the text, you can conceal the date, time and contact name.
  • Hide Notifications: If you want to hide a particular contact notification, you can hide the message notifications
  • Copy What You Need: Whenever you need to copy a specific text from your WhatsApp, you need to copy and edit the entire message. Using GBWhatsApp, you can copy particular text into the email. You don’t have to copy and edit the complete text.
  • Download Status: You may have seen some pictures or videos put by your colleagues. If you need these pictures then you need to ask them to send back some kind of irritating pictures. You can download the status and appreciate it on your mobile.
  • Always Know Things: You can’t differentiate between true message and broadcast message whenever you receive a message on WhatsApp. With the assistance of GBWhatsApp, you can now understand these stuff.
  • Send any Document: You can use GBWhatsApp to send any kind of doc documents. Using GBWhatsapp, you can send documents, Apk and Zip files.
  • Copying is easy: You can press on the status and copy the email to your clipboard. If you want to send your friend, you don’t have to write every status again and again.
  • Save Clicks: from the primary screen you can check your friends last seen. You don’t have to chat with your colleagues to check their internet status every time.
  • No root needed: GBWhatsApp might have seen too many characteristics. These features can be enjoyed and you don’t have to worry about anything or the rooted phone.




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